Sunday, November 20, 2005

a short one

yes...i'm around.
yes...i promise to write a longer post soon
tired now..and feeling a bit of a cold, so going to crash for a long night of sleep.
wanted to share a funny photo from this week.
On tuesday, i drove south to Naha to get a vaccination for Japanese encephalites (i have no idea how to spell that and do not feel like looking it up). The vaccine is a preventative measure for my December trip to India. More about that in a future post.
At the clinic an information screen was set up to show all sorts of interesting and uhmm....informative facts about possible threats lurking out there in Southeast of them, as you might know, is malaria..
So here is a bit of Engrish fun we noticed on that screen.....hope you catch it as well...

and to all of my friends in Israel who are reading this thanks to my mom who is also there at the moment: Ogromnii Privet!! Skuchau!!



Rosemary said...

Oh, that's funny!! I'll remember not to bite any insects next summer when I'm hiking out in the woods, etc...

J. Jason Groschopf said...

Yeah.... 'bout time I kicked that habit as well.

I'll just go chew on a bowling ball instead. Makes as much sense as nibbling on vampyric bugs.