Thursday, March 30, 2006

the news

i have personalized my Google start page. i get the random headlines from Googlenews and from BBC. Sometimes i click on the items, and most of the time the news i check deals with elections in various countries, riots in France, Israel/Palestine issues. I very rarely will click on a news item that deals with Iraq or Iran. I am not certain that what i'll read will reflect a truth--and then i wonder whose truth am i looking to find.
What's been happenning in Iraq the past four years is difficult to define and describe--especially for someone like me, so far politically and geographically removed from the situation.
Recently, however, i came across a blog written by a young woman from Iraq.
Reading her blog has given me a hold onto what might be happenning in that country--not based on what is being reported on, but on what someone is actually observing. There are probably other sources like this out there, I haven't looked. Hers is overwhelming enough.
I will put up the link to her blog as a permanent addition to my list.
Baghdad Burning is the name of it.

I haven't watched televised news in i don't even know how long. Probably a couple of months. The last news i remember watching was the whale story out of London that i caught when at Josh's apartment in Nago. So i haven't followed the debate going on right now in the United States, and perhaps elsewhere, about what is being reported on in Iraq and what should be reported on.
I have a feeling that most newsorganizations are not inclined to show indepth analysis of what is happenning in Iraq and would rather flash between quick stories and debates. Jason sent me a link of how one reporter sees what is happenning in Iraq and how she views the attacks brought on against her and others' coverage of the situation.
Watch it here

i know. not the most uplifting of blogs.
i feel that i am more inclined now to read the news and ignore it at the same time. that sentence makes sense to me, so no worries if it doesn't to you.

it's quiet in school right now. most teachers have taken their vacation days today. and am sure tomorrow i'll be the only one here. maybe the accountant will show up. so it should be easy enough to skip out half day tomorrow.
today, i came in a bit late, but am staying 'til. 5. sorted out some vocabularly flashcards, chatted on google, had lunch, read. now gonna take a walk and then study.

i have my very first karate belt test tonight. David, Ben, and i are pretty nervous and excited about it. Wish us luck!



Anonymous said...

Just for your interest Elina, her blog has actually just been longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Book Award, as her online diary was published in 2005- they are planning a second one too. The winner is announced on June 14- its a 30,000 pound prize; not sure how they will get it to her if she wins, since she's only known as 'Riverbend'!!! Neaty huh :) Louise

-e said...

thanx, Louise.
that's actually how i found her, by clicking on a BBC headline. perhaps they could set up an account if she wins and give her the money when the situation becomes more stable and she can come out of anonymity.

keldog22 said...

Funny. Found the same blog this week. Was thinking of writting something about her too. It`s a really good blog. Strange I had a dream about meeting her too. Anyway thanks for the post!

Craig Mauelshagen said...

To join the club, I found the blog on the bbc website too. Pretty interesting stuff. I expect she must have a pretty wide readership now, yeah for the internet!

-e said...

if you go back to read the first few blogs you can read a few of her responses to the e-mails she has been getting. she is deffinately well read and right from the get go. it's interesting that we all caught site of that BBC story. nice.

Kevin Thomas Hurley said...

you're a beautiful person