Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congratulations Dr. Kats!!!

i went home for five days. a short but wonderful trip. i went to see my sister graduate from Marquette's School of Dentistry. Got back last night, drove home and called in sick today for work because was a bit dizzy and out of it this morning. Still am a bit. so here are some pics to make the posting easier for me, but more interesting for you. :)

Anna and Sofya at Anna's studio apartment with one of her newest pieces.
Have you ever heard of hurling? Well, if you haven't, then you'd be like me. A good friend joined the league in Milwaukee which is apparently the largest league outside of Ireland where the game is from. I went to see his practice to see what it looked like. It looks difficult, streneous, but fun.
Molly at the dog park. It was truly warm and sunny one day in Milwaukee while i was there. Molly and I enjoyed a stroll in the park.
Sofya at the brand new (to me) Bayshore mall. The newly redone mall was opened in the winter time. It's done like a mini-city with stores lining streets, each building architecturally different. but the large building behind Sofya is mostly condos and offices.
Prior to the hooding ceremony on Saturay night, Sofya and grandmas.
Walking into the church for the hooding ceremony. The ceremony was held at a cathedral on 12th street in Milwaukee across from Marquette university. Marquette is a Jesuit university.
Sofya is honored for her top grades with several other classmates.
2007 Marquette School of Dentistry graduates. Congratulations!
with the happy family after the hooding ceremony which official inducted Sofya into the dentistry profession.
On Sunday morning at the graduation luncheon, Katie and Sofya show off their hoods. The lilac color is for the profession of dentistry. Blue and gold are Marquette's colors.
Sofya poses with one of the cards my students made for her.
Early monday morning we had breakfast with grandmas before my sisters drove me to the Chicago airport.
One of the reasons i love being home is the comfort of being with my family. This photo reminds me of that. Grandma Nina fortune tells on the coffee grounds every time we have turkish coffee. She's lovely when she does and i look forward to it every time.


Chia-Pet said...

Hey Elina!

I'm glad that you had a good trip home! I hope you are feeling all right! Take care!


Jeremy Cohen said...


I believe that your grandmother and my father are first cousins and that we are all descendents of Aron Kogan.

Could you contact me?

Jeremy Cohen

emily cohen said...

Hello! Hello!! My first cousin Jeremy Cohen found you!I am Selma Cohen's daughter and Meyer Cohen's grand daughter. My mother, Selma, and your grandmother are first cousins. I am sitting in my office at home with a picture of my grandfather, Meyer, as a young boy with his parents (my great grand parents and his brother and sister,Dina). I taught English in China 25 years ago and my sister Amy is an artist. We are clearly blood relatives! I hope we can meet.Your cousin, Emily Cohen

Deborah said...


I'm Debbie Cohen, Jeremy's sister, Aaron Cohen's daughter, and Emily Cohen's first cousin. I visited you and your family in Milwaukee many years ago when I traveled there for my job as a newspaper reporter at the time. I really enjoyed meeting all of you and remember what a nice time I had at your house. I am glad you're having a good time in Japan!