Monday, August 06, 2007

i owe an update. but give me a week or two. things are happening every day and half the time i don't know what day it is and when was the last time i slept for more than 5 hours. naps is the way to go apparently.

i went to Izena and learned all about its spiders and hermit crabs thanx to Mr. Izena, Craig.

been playing eisa around Ogimi and Sunday went to Naha with the youth group to participate in the 10,000 men eisa parade down Kokusai dori (International street). It was a fantastic experience and i was happiest during it when i saw my friends waving at me from the crowd.

lots of karaoke.

goodbyes, tears, sun= my last week and a half.

am tired. i'll do a better job of posting and recaping in a few days.

sorry, Craig ;)


Anonymous said...

How are you?
Accidentally come accross your blog while surfing the net.

Just wodnering whether we can be friends.

27 Chinese Male Malaysia here.

Jeremy Cohen said...

Hello, Elina,

Please go back and look at the comments on your May 23 post.

I think you might be surprised and pleased.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Cohen

Brian S said...

I was just flying through Google info and clicked a link pertaining to Koyo Senior High School and I found your blog.

I would have never imagined all the American's or European's on the JET program over there.

I am amazed that you are surving over 1.5 years there, though if I got to choose I think Okinawa would be my choise as well.

Take care and best regards,

Kevin Thomas Hurley said...

What the hell? Who are all these new comment tators? Anyways, here is a comment from an oldy. I haven't gotten time to talk to my BOE yet, but if they say yes i will come see you in october. cheers.