Saturday, October 13, 2007

it's my last night in Tokyo and with all that's been going on here and the pics i'll be posting later from the trip, i don't think i'll have time to tell you all about my last weekend sooooo
i propose you check out Kevin's blog and read his post from Okinawa. I have been coded as the "friend" in the post. I think you can figure it out.
Things are good. I do like Tokyo, but i am ready to get back to the casual pace of life in Okinawa. It's too hectic here. Too fashion driven, too many stores and too many pretty people. They make me concerned about my appearance. I don't like that.
I was so worried about my slightly dirty flip flops that i went out and bought a new pair of shoes. Ha ha. i love them though. I'll post a pic of them.. They're tres kawaii. if i do say so myself.
and worth every penny.

time for last night sleep in Tokyo


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Juhi said...

omg! thats exactly how i felt when i went there in april!! i know exactly what u mean!! i bought a cute pair of shoes when i was there too! ...and a sexy trench coat! gosh! them n their cool trendy fashions...! 3 cheers for homely Okinawa! :)