Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the many faces of india

there's a small picture of a deity on top of the harddrive. it's gilded and has many hands and many's sitting on top of a dove...i've just been told that she's Gaity and is a goddess of the Brahmin.

do the untouchbles have a goddess? i don't know yet.

we're in Panskura right now. a small town near Kolkata. it's a rural looking place. the streets are not paved, every place one looks, there is trash...
but the people are beautiful. fantastic. kind. and their spirits override the way we might perceive their lives as westerners.
it's hard being here. it's overwhelming.

one day Ben and i took a walk. a man came up to us. he told us to follow him through the fields. we did. we were hesitant. we didn't want to end up in his house and have to refuse his hospitality/food..which we would have to so that we wouldn't get sick.. but the man took us to another large field where men and young guys were playing criquet. once the match was done, a man came up to us and told us that we would be given wreaths of marygolds and they would represent respect and honor given to us as guests of these people. Marygolds were draped over our heads and i held back tears.
these people who have nothing....have so much. so much more than i've ever had.

a week to go. i won't ever be able to tell you all about it in words.
but i'll try.


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keldog22 said...

have i told you lately how beautiful you are?