Sunday, January 01, 2006

S Novim Godom!!

hi from Dehli..
back in the crazy city and staying put...
so many things to say and show..but it will have to wait until i get back to Okinawa and let my mind sort them out in the quiet of the island life.

all i want to do right now is call my family.. and wish them a happy new year...
that's not happenning right now..
so if i don't call ..just know that i tried

i'm tired
i'm still slightly giddy..but that's mostly 'cause my brain is in overload from all the sensory input that has been going on around me..

three more days in India..
i don't even know how i feel about that anymore..

we spent new years in Kolkata and flew to Dehli at 5:45am...
so guess who didn't sleep tonight?


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