Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy 75th to my wonderful grandmother Nina!

so last weekend i met an 105 year old woman who lives in Ogimi. She was beautiful. I swear i understood half of what she said but not in words, per se. She is incredible and it was a very cool experience; a student of mine and her mother took photos of us together.

So in honor of people in the "silver club" of life, here's a bit of trivia from my brand new Simpson desk calendar:

In "The Old Man and the Key" (DABF09), Lisa says statistics show that old people drive at least as well as who?
a. Young winos
b. Teens in heat
c. Sleep-deprived apes
d. Everyone in France, except the elderly, who are worse

the answer will appear in the next post.

i've rearranged my photo album, so if you need any of the passwords, e-mail me.


1 comment:

keldog22 said...

i think b- teens are pretty much the worst at everything.