Sunday, January 22, 2006

and the writers

tomorrow, i promise i will fill you in on my life back in okinawa and how wonderful the cherry blossoms are..and they really are..the japanese are absolutely right about this one.

here are two things have been written about our trip; one about our experience in Panskura and the other started out as a toast to John Taj but ended up being a toast to the entire crew.


"Twelve Days in Panskura Town" written and performed on January 30th, 2005 by Becky, Reyhan, and Froilan

The first day of Christmas( or the Camp)in Panskura town
We ate rice and boiled vegs.

The second day in Panskura Town
We got banana plates.

The third day in Panskura Town
We taught some children

The fourth day in Panskura Town
We wrapped some gifts

The fifth day in Panskura Town
Five eggplants

The sixth day in Panskura Town
We gave out the presents.

The seventh day in Panskura Town
Bloody Diarrhea

The eight day in Panskura Town
We dropped down like flies

The ninth day in Panskura Town
We watched girls dancing

The tenth day in Panskura Town
We travelled to the boat.

The eleventh day in Panskura Town
We had a boat ride

The twelfth day in Panskura Town
We saw NO Tigers.

The Toast to India written by Chris, Kelly and Ben C. and performed by Chris on January 5, 2006.

Here’s to the glasses and the gasses
and the smiling orphan faces
to muddy river boat rides
and Mexican family ties.

To talk of Maria and talk of Maria
and talk of Maria and talk of Maria
to copious amounts of medicine pills
the dire smells and squat toilet spills.

To monkeys, camels, and bears oh my!
but no hash this time to make us high
to banana leaves and cross legged pain
to dahl and veggies oh god, not again.

To rickshaw rides that near claimed our lives
to the men who offered their daughters and wives
not one nor three not five but seven
days of diarrhea; that was John’s heaven.

To the beggars we saw from rickshaw’s too small
our favorite the man with one giant ball
to the orphans we gave Christmas cheer
but lost our money on Bunti’s beer.

To dirty shoes and omiyage
the India blues and new words, aye?
to thai pants and smog, and the panskura mob
to the friends we made with no parents at all.

To the mainland JETs unknown at the start
who became by our trials Okinawan in part
we came to India for a selfless cause
yet gained friendship that touched us all.

But where would we be without a dedication of sorts
to our mates, tomodachi, our beloved cohorts
to Elvira and Cory and Lauren and John
whose planning and strength we came to lean on.

To Alie and Blair, Thulani and Fro
Okinawa bound, I hope time will show
to Alicia and Marshall the south’ners from ‘ginia
who gave the orphans soapstone and San’na.

To Sachiko, Caleb, and Dan who we saw
only in Panskura, for a time too small
to Reyhan and Linda and Becky who came
as guests to our group, but part just the same.

To Kelly and Craig and Yasemin Çakmak
and Elina who taught us how to “beat off”
to Andy and Ben (both the small and the tall)
the former of who had a massage of their balls.

Myself I would simply just like to say
what an honor it’s been each step of the way
so i raise this glass without fear of boast
to the best group of people I may ever toast.


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