Friday, February 03, 2006

the five senses

Hearing--right now the students are cleaning the school and i hear the brooms being pushed across the floor by two second grade girls. they are laughing.
yesterday, my ears were ringing with the sound of giggling from two other second grade girls. i have apparently become and unwitting supplier of "kakkoi" and "kawaii" celebreties to these girls. I noticed a photo of a some american kid on Kotono's desk two days ago. I asked who it was. She said, "Jesse McCartney"....through miming and broken english and japanese, i figured out that Jesse was a very popular, cool (kakkoi) and cute (kawaii) singer from America. i googled him in the office. Sure enough, there's an 18 year old star on the rise, and i couldn't care less. But the 2nd grade girls do. A pack of them (students never travel alone) came into the office, asking to see me ( i don't get that a lot)....and all gathered around the computer where i was just happened to be checking out Jesse's official website. Wow! the screams! the squeels! the giggles!! nonestop! in my ear! hillarious!!! i image.googled and found a bunch of photos of this young hunk, put them in Word and printed out a coule of copies. I made their day.
So yesterday i had to do the same for Eminem. At least he's been around for a while, so that i knew who he was and could hum one of his songs. Elina sensei is apparently cool. Fantastic!!

Taste--today there were whole chunks of chicken in the lunch soup. Not bad, lunch ladies. Not bad at all. We also had what is known as a kroket, from the French, croquet...and is a mush of potatoes, panko fried. Good stuff. I also got to eat some beans that came in a package with a picture of a very cute little red devil. It was explained to me that today people will throw some beans outside of their homes to ward off the evil spirits and to welcome the good ones. I believe the name for the cute, "chotto bad" devil is Oni. I was told that this is done because today is the day before the first day of spring, except it's not so i'm confused.
Hopefully, our local Okinawan expert can fill us in on what is hapenning today in Okinawa. The beans in the packet were nice and crunchy, and i was told to eat 28 of them at home (am 27 now, so one more to make sure i live to 28).

Sight--last night. walking along 58, with the ocean on my side. Complete darkness except when the bright lights of passing cars would light the way and create scary looking shadows in front of them.. I swear i saw a cheetah speed away in front of an uncoming car. i saw a group of high school students practice at the bat at Hentona high school. In the dark, under swaying bulbs, they stood in pairs and hit the ball over and over and over.
I wish i had such dedication when it came to kanji and studying.

ok...tired now. will write about the other two senses at some later time.

oh..and if you guessed "C" for the Simpson trivia, you are a winner!! i will be sending out gift packs of "snake bashing bats" sometime next week.



Chiye said...

I am not sure about the whole mame (bean) thing because well, we never did it at home, but the first day of Spring thing could be either a) based on the lunar calendar (which they do a lot, hence why Okinawan Obon is usually on different days than on the mainland) or b) they are following Chinese New Year. Not too sure how either of them works, but I know Chinese New Years wasn't that long ago, and New Year usually means "Renewal" hence the "first day of Spring". I don't know if that makes sense or if I'm right, but that's what I am guessing. I hope that helps Elina!

-e said...

what kind of an Okinawan expert are you? i will be hiring a new expert any time now... ;)

thanx, girl