Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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listening to: Oi Va Voi
found them by mistake while downloading another British band, Crimea. Both are great. Check them out.

a good example of "engrish" fashion. shirts that prove that in Japan most english words are used in fashion just for "cool" factor and not at all for meaning. check out more photos i took of my students' primary source of English.

The orchids on display at the International Orchids Show in Motobu's Ocean Expo Park were magnificent. See more here

Chiye and i got to see a scene from an upcoming Okinawan movie being filmed in the village of Shioya. Residents of Ogimi, Shioya, Ie-jima, and Nago gathered to sing a song, Endo no Hana against the beautiful backdrop of Shioya Bay in Ogimi-son. It was truly one of the best experiences so far on the island.

an image i should have posted at the very beginning of my stay here. The vending machines are prevalent here...but the cigarette vending machines are still amusing to me. And it's curious that they are turned off after a certain hour in the evenings.



Anonymous said...

hi e.
this machine is interesting becaseu 1. it sells cigarettes with english words on them exclusively except one -- which just happens to cost way less than all the rest. 2. like you said cigarettes can only be bought between 11 and 5 which is weird 3. what is the e3xchange rate? these cigarettes seem kind of cheap!

I am having the hardest time wavering between smoking till it hurts and wearing nicotine patch until it also hurts but a different part of my body. Quitting is the hardest thing ever-- much harder than quitting anything else. there should be a subsidy for more smoking-cessation products. hell, there should just be more products geared towards quitting! as it stands, patches cost roughly the same as smoking itself.

Anonymous said...

Am I so old that others don't remember cigarette machines across America?