Friday, June 30, 2006

i think i've turned into a coffee addict. i think i have at least half a cup a day. i wonder what would happen if i didn't. i must test it out. it seems, though, that it would be very unJapanese of me to forego the caffeine. the pot in the teachers' kitchen gets brewed three or four times a day. We have an expresso maker. We also have single use coffee packets of French Vanilla and Hazelnut. How can one resist? Yes. of course, i can drink water. I do drink water. Lately because of the heat, i've been going through two Nalgene fulls a day at the minimum, more on karate days.
Today i came to school after waking up from a refreshing 8 hour sleep, but felt ready to collapse and doze off through the third period of the day. Don't know why.

The story contest was last Saturday. 30 students participated and some of them were really good. A little girl, who looked smaller than her 3rd grade in Junior High, told a scary story. I was sitting next to Ben and when at first she started off slow and deliberate, i hadn't yet realized that it was meant to be a scary story, and told Ben that i was frightened of the girl. Then she went into a menacing voice and i was laughing. she was awesome. the most amusing of them all, but she didn't win. but my student took second place. he was good, though. and Kelly says he was funny. I picked the story because it made me laugh, so i thought it wouldn't hurt if the judges and audience did as well. And he's good at telling it. So on Monday, the JTE, Yuu, and I get to drive down to Naha to participate in the prefectural story contest. Wish us luck!

A giant spider is walking through the file cabinets next to the computer desk. I pointed him out to the head teacher and she just smiled and pushed him away. I guess he's harmless, wish i knew that when one just like it showed up at my apartment last week and Kel and i freaked out. I ran around with a vacuum cleaner and we screamed a bit and then Kelly attempted to take a photo, but it didn't work out.

let's see. in the news. Ben bought a unicycle. There's a cool bar just a 5 minute drive from my house with a pooltable and dart boards. Dina and Boris had a beautiful baby girl, Congratz!! i learned how to dye with indigo Okinawan style. Students in my English Club now have hotmail accounts. We have started a new conversation activity in all three grades and it seems to be working. Profiles are up of incoming JETs and more are on the way. and that's just really exciting 'cause we're all awaiting their arrival. and if you're an incoming JET and reading this--don't worry too much...we're all lovely people.
Block 1 was finally and rightfully declared the winner of the Block Games that ended months ago. The earned money will pay for the Block "goodbye" gathering that is in the works. It's deffinately a weird situation to be here. We're all here temporarily. We all know it. And yet, going through these experiences brings people very close, very quickly and parting with them is incredibly sad. These people are a part of what i know to be "Okinawa" and not having them here in a month, even if i don't see some of them very often, is going to be rather strange.
but like i said, looking forward to the new ones. :)

this blog feels incomplete and very disjointed, but i'll still publish it for lack of a better option.

i'll try and think through something more complete to write this weekend in between soccer games and lounging on the beach.



Kevin Thomas Hurley said...

your blogs are becoming a little more slipshod, but still just as interesting.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame about the caffeine thang. Unfortunately, you body treats caffeine just like any other drug and you have likely built up a tolerance. Having said that, you will likely experience withdrawal, resulting in headaches if you do not get caffeine into your body as you have normally been doing. Of course, if you can cut it off for a bit, the headaches will disappear. Ah, pharmacology.


Craig Mauelshagen said...

I understand that caffeine addiction is pretty easy to beat as even a small amount of caffeine will aleviate the withdrawal symptoms. So a coke or cup of tea will help. Then again it's not the worst drug, doesn't cause cancer for instance.

Kevin Thomas Hurley said...

hey, it has recently been proven, drinking coffee every day greatly reduces your chances at syrosis of your liver. Nice heads up for all you drinkers out there.