Thursday, June 22, 2006

whenever encountering a blank page, i always consider the possibilities.
for this one, they are numerous yet i am struck by the understanding that at the moment i do not posses the ability to adequately describe any of it.
perhaps it is because i have just come back from reading David's description of Ben eating yoghurt, and my skills in the English language, whatever they might have been, now feel squeamisly inferior and want to run for the next dark corner.
but there are no more dark corners. they have gone with the rain. The rainy season they say is over, and am gland for that. It poured onto the island relentlessly for a month, stopping only to break up the pace a bit in mid afternoons to tease and spoil the mood when it would once again open up the kennel and let out the cats and dogs. The rain was only pleasant at times, spectacular in others. It poured like it meant it and later i learned that it was an unusual amount. Apparently Okinawa was in the news on mainland for having received 6 times the normal amount of rain.
At the close of the rainy season, mold exploded for a last chance before the sun regain its position on the island. The mold is greenish and blueish in color. It prefers the surfaces of plywood, attacking the undersides of tables, chairs and back surfaces of night stands and hutches. It was irritating to get rid of and screams of anger could be heard in my apartment when i discovered the tiny mold circles on one of my India tunics, a pair of orange "thai" pants and my lovely, black, 100% linen, embroidered dress. How dare it!! I can accept the shoes. But my dress?!
with a sigh i proceeded the cleaning process.

and now. the sun is out. it is back with a vengence. We are back to humidity in the 60th percentile and it is once again possible to dry out the entire load of laundry in an afternoon on the balcony.

and school? it's been uneventful yet blissful. This week is short, Friday off for Okinawan Memorial Day. On Monday and Tuesday, students took the midterms, and for the entire week i had nothing much to do. I corrected some tests. I made up the new English bulletin board, which admittedly took some time. The new board's theme is the World Cup. There's a profile of David Beckham, because students actually know who he is (who doesn't?), a list of all participating countries, photos of animated fans stolen from the official website, a worksheet to match up the fans with their countries, and a couple of other items. am proud of this one. hope the kids give it a glance.

yesterday was also the English Club evening. We spent it in the computer lab acquiring e-mail accounts. I wanted the girls to start creating their own webplace on but none of them had e-mails, so we had to start there. took a while, but it was fun, and it was inspiring to see them all excited when they received a reply to their e-mail from me or their friends. i must have been excited in the same way.
but i am old now, and don't remember that innocent year of 1995 well enough to recall.

tonight shall be spend in the luminous company of Ms. Kelly, whose wonderful mother had just turned 50 years old. Many wishes! we shall do nothing much of anything, but perhaps go to Okuma around evening time to catch the 11pm game of US vs. Ghana.
Friday shall be rest day to counter all religions, except Islam, and Saturday is the Story contest. Am actually really looking forward to it. One of my students might have a chance in the competition if she doesn't get too flustered. All junior high ALTs from the north area will be present as we've all worked hard with our students in prepping them for the show down. Afterwards, food and drinks shall be had.
Sunday? Mayhap ultimate frisbee? Anyone keen?

and please say "hello" to my new friends aka pets, the five incredibly genki gold fish. I shall do my best to take care of them as well as did their previous owner, Isla.


P.S. finished "Pale Fire" by Nabokov. Would highly recommend it, can't stress how highly, to anyone looking to laugh out loud and meander through playful use of the English language. any and all knowledge of the Russian language is helpful in adding to the enjoyment.

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Craig Mauelshagen said...

Look forward to seeing you at the story contest, my kids are there for the taking part and not the winning, sigh.