Saturday, June 10, 2006

what's in a game

It's official. An hour from now the majority of the world's male population will be immobilized by the recuring need to know the score of a football match.
Do you appreciate me calling it by its "real" name?
There are too many people on the island lost in the frenzy to ignore the subject completely, and while i have no pretentions of being a fan of the game or knowing anything about teams, players, standings, and favorites i have been caught up slightly in the excitment.
Thanx to my local footballing expert, Ben, i am now versed in groups, past winnings, some player stats, and of course who has what chance of making it to the semis and finals.
So for all those keen for knowledge, i will have a link to the Official Website for all FIFA enquiries. I might even catch a glimpse of a few games myself, scheduling permiting. We are, of course, at an inconvenient time zone. The live games are played in Japan at 1am, 4am, and 10pm.
So the first game is Germany vs. Costa Rica.
Goodluck all.
I'll be cheering for Japan, although they are in a tough group.


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