Monday, July 25, 2005

finally in Tokyo

Konichiwa....or whatever the romanized version is....just so you know ..i only have 15 min. online right now and am having a slightly difficult time typing ..the space bar is way too small and every once in a while i hit the wrong button and kana (japanese) comes on the screen.

oh..but i shall i perceviere for all of you people anxious to hear about my first days in Japan.
the flight was long but good. food was decent and i did not watch the inflight movies..i read my new Harry Potter as about half of the flight did. the airport experience went smoothly. So far i am extremely impressed by the organization of the JET programme. It is run by very helpful and cheery people who are prepared to handle large number of zombie like people.
I am staying at the Keio Plaza hotel in japan. it has a webpage but because of my time limit, i won't go looking for it. it's an extremely nice hotel and i'm staying with two other women who are going to Okinawa with me.

We just finished our first orintation ceremony and today and tomorrow there will be lots of workshops to visit. Tonight we have a reception for the whole crew (nearly 3000 people from 44 countries) and there will also be an excursion by the Okinawa people to an all you can eat/all you can drink restaurant in town. That should be fun.
What else can i tell you. I'm tired by very excited right now. Just seeing all these people here is inspiring. They're bright, warm, genuinly happy to be here; all look and talk differently and just are generous with everyone they meet.
I am gonna run right now, 'cause I think I'm missing lunch right now. and no one wants me to starve, I'm sure...especially me.


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