Friday, July 29, 2005

what do you americans like?

americans like burgers and fries
and they like houses on boardwalks and
fancy cars with wheels on the right side
and bars with mexican food
and clubs with hip hop music
and hawaiian outings

i'm in an area of Okinawa called Chatan and it's near Kadana air force base..
it's near Camp foster and camp Lester.. marine and navy respectively.
tomorrow we're going onto Foster to take a yoga class and spend some time in the gym..
the area is filled with bars and american type restaurants.. it's a bit surreal go from a supermarket where i couldn't understand why an item marked 5200Yen rang up as 9800Yen...i was trying to buy a gas stove.. no.. not a large gas stove.. just a small two range deal.. with a small little baker for fish..
regardless.. i didn't buy it, 'cause i'm going for the cheapest.. and shopping around

third day on Okinawa.. the village of Ogimi is my home..and it's beautiful and remote.. right on the ocean.. which has its benefits and drawbacks..
benefits are easy to imagine
drawacks of course include typhoons and humidity.. but also mold and lots and lots of insects..
yesterday i came home to about 20 cockroaches.. gian ones..
not fun.. but funny..
bought some killer stuff today and tape to get all the holes filled in..

there are so many other things happenning.. but mostly it's about me setting up my life here: bank accounts, painting apartment, shopping for food and cleaners.. and also meeting the local governing bodies and board of education officials..
i wish i could show you the pictures of these officials.. they wear the coolest shirts.. they look a bit Hawaiian but the textile is made locally and is definately not cotton...

"house" is on TV.. didn't think i'd come to Japan to watch television shows in English..
although, props for CNN for showing Blair's reaction to IRA's statement of disbanding yesterday...oh ..wait.. they didn't.. i watched that on BBC..CNN where showing fishing in Mexico exlusive..

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