Saturday, July 30, 2005

i'm coming to an understanding that Okinawa is not at all Japan. Especially in the South it is very apparent.
Ate at an indian restaurant tonight surrounded by three american families.
It's a strange place but very fun.

Still doing lots of shopping for my apartment. Learning how to ask for prices, now just need to learn how to count above "10," and to tell the coins apart quickly, although that part is already getting a bit easier.

Things are expensive here and it's worth to shop around. Sorry that my posts seem to revolve around going to stores, but that's pretty much all I've been doing the last three days, 'cause my apartment is bare and I need to get it ready for living conditions before the busy life of school begins.

I'll meet my "new" car tomorrow and am really excited, although I won't get to drive it for a while, 'cause i can't get insurance until all the transfer paperwork clears and that could take 10 days or so.

And, no, I haven't been in the ocean yet.. but it's gorgeous.
but I did go to a yoga class on base this morning and that was gruelling fun.

Wow.. the gym on base is huge! And i spent some time in their library and we had Subway for lunch. :))) weird. i know.

Tomorrow we're driving back up north to check out a beer festival in Nago (a "big" city near our village) and then i'll start figuring out my apartment. Hopefully the roaches haven't gotten too comfortable in it.

If you've got questions for me, just e-mail me. I've been pretty tired every time I've posted, so my mind is all over the place; it'd be easier to know what to write if i had a question to answer.

-erina (my new name)

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